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Where Do I Start?
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"Turn on Your Financial Headlights!"  

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Live - and Lively! - Webinars


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Need to Know It NOW!

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Buyer's Tally Sheet
Buyer's Tally Sheet
Sample, Buyer's Tally Sheet
Sample, Buyer's Tally Sheet
4 Easy Steps to Use the BUYER'S TALLY SHEET
4 Easy Steps to Use the BUYER'S TALLY SHEET
  1. In the top row, enter the months (e.g., July, August, September, etc)
  2. In the next row, enter the Department Name.  Then, for reference, fill in the total planned Open-to-Buy @Cost for each month for that department.
  3. In the left-hand column, enter each Vendor's name, one per row. In that row, show the dollar total of the orders @Cost you have placed with that Vendor for that Department in the column for the month you expect to receive it. (These are "best guess-timates", of course.)
  4. Remember to add up the on-orders for each department for each month, and compare that to the OTB budget amount.  (Ideally, you will have money left in each month in each department for re-orders!)

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What's Available at The ROI?
What's Available at The ROI?
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ALL Visitors  Key Ratio Benchmark Numbers • 55 Retail Segments 
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Members-Only ROI Library • 50+ Retail Financial How-To Articles • 6 Exclusive Online Executive Calculators for Retailers • How-To Video Tutorials • The ROI GUIDES • Glossary of Retail Financial Terms • TOPICAL TUESDAY Webinars Archive 


Online Training KITS  90-Day Online Access • Each just $49 • click here
Structured, online training courses, plus Executive Calculators for Retailers. For Retail Owners & CEOs, CFOs, Bookkeepers, Buyers, Managers.
Step-by-step, how to project and control retail profits, inventory, cash flow, GMROI. 


TOPICAL TUESDAY Webinars Archive  3-Day Access • Online • Each just $19.95
Recorded live at TOPICAL TUESDAYS. Now available on your schedule
Lively, fast-paced and explanatory sessions by the Co-Founders of The ROI. The Archives are growing every week!


Many Ways to Take Advantage of The ROI
Many Ways to Take Advantage of The ROI

KEY RATIO Benchmark Numbers 55 Retail Segments
click here • compare your store's performance

MEMBERS-ONLY Collection Unlimited Access
Six Executive Calculators for Retailers • Retail Financial How-To Library • TOPICAL TUESDAY Webinars Archive
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