Department Stores
NAICS 452111: This U.S. industry comprises establishments known as department stores that have separate departments for various
merchandise lines, such as apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, and linens, each with separate cash registers and sales associates.
Department stores in this industry generally do not have central customer checkout and cash register facilities.


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About Benchmarks



  • The segments featured at The ROI reflect the definitions and designations of the North American Industrial Classification System.
  • The ROI has selected 6 Key Ratios for retailers to monitor:
    Pre-Tax Profit • Gross Margin • Inventory Turnover • Debt-to-Worth Ratio • Current Ratio • Return on Assets 
  • The ROI presents 5-Year Trend Charts of only the median value reported for each of these key ratios. 
  • Retailers may need to examine the benchmark numbers in more than one segment to get perspective on their own store's performance, particularly if their store does not exactly fit the NAICS category.

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GMROI by Retail Segments


The #1 measure of inventory productivity available to retailers.

GMROI (also known as GMROII) stands for Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment. It tells you how many dollars in gross margin you get back during the year for each dollar you have invested in inventory. 

Based on the Retail Benchmarks, The Retail Owners Institute has calculated the average GMROI for each of the retail segments. Now, any retailer, anywhere, can quickly see: How do your stores compare?

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Monthly Retail Sales Results vs. Last Year


“How are sales?” is essentially the universal greeting between retailers. 

That's why The ROI provides  - FREE - "comp sales results"monthly sales results compared to L.Y. for all major retail sectors (e.g., apparel, furniture & home furnishings, etc.) 

  • Instead of rows and columns of tiny numbers, we have calculated the percent change (so you can easily compare).
  • And, we present this in charts showing the trailing 6 months. 

Quickly see for yourself: which sectors are up this month versus L.Y.? Which are flat? Or down? Then, most important, see how your sales compare!


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