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"You have re-inspired me! Thank you!"
--Owner, Home Accessories Stores

"You make so much sense. Your website and tools and webinars are exceptionally great, and hit the mark dead center! Now I've started to see the light and how to manage inventory turns to manage cash. Love your stuff!"
--Co-Owner, Specialty Boutique

"If I had had this information seven years ago, I would not have opened our second location, which we closed last year. This is very helpful and useful."
--President, Consumer Electronics Retailer

"I have changed the way I look at my financial statements forever! Very informative. Thank you."
--President, Furniture Stores

"I've been in retailing a long time and regularly work with our buyers on Open-to-Buy. I think your OTB Calculator is really remarkable. It's easy, quick and effective. Thank you for providing it."
--CFO, 17-Store Sporting Goods Chain

"Thank you for the great seminar today. I feel as though I have attended a college class in business - without the stress of finals!"
-- Owner, Hardware Store

"I learned a lot, and found it easy to understand. I'm really impressed by how accessible you make this complicated financial information."
--Specialty Store Owner

"This has really made a difference for us! It's acted as a springboard to initiate a new philosophy of spending at our store. The ROI has had a profound effect on our business. Thank you."
--Owner, Gift Shop

"Your site is very good and the information is always very useful. We are about to open our 2nd store. Keep up the great work!"
--Owner/President, Gourmet Food Shops 

"The ROI has been very helpful to me. Easy to follow and informative. Thank you very much!"
--Retail Operations Manager, Museum Store

"Our retailers need help with inventory control and cash flow, and how to make better business decisions. You are right on point!"
--Manager, Field Business Consultants, Convenience Store Franchiser

"I want all 28 of our S.B.D.C. Certified Business Advisors to use this whenever they are working with a retailer."
--State Program Director, Small Business Development Centers

"I want to thank you for all your enthusiasm. It is very apparent that you have the best interests of the small retailer in mind, and provide them with valuable information to survive and grow their business."
--Vice-President, Small Business Services, Union Bank of California

"There's not much we can do to help our retailers' top line. But by offering them access to all of The ROI, maybe we CAN help them with their bottom line!"
--President, National Shoe Retailers Association 



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Where Do I Start?
Where Do I Start?
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Live - and Lively! - Webinars


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Need to Know It NOW!

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Need Your Feedback

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YES! Send me The ROI NEWS
YES! Send me The ROI NEWS
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Buyer's Tally Sheet
Buyer's Tally Sheet
Sample, Buyer's Tally Sheet
Sample, Buyer's Tally Sheet
4 Easy Steps to Use the BUYER'S TALLY SHEET
4 Easy Steps to Use the BUYER'S TALLY SHEET
  1. In the top row, enter the months (e.g., July, August, September, etc)
  2. In the next row, enter the Department Name.  Then, for reference, fill in the total planned Open-to-Buy @Cost for each month for that department.
  3. In the left-hand column, enter each Vendor's name, one per row. In that row, show the dollar total of the orders @Cost you have placed with that Vendor for that Department in the column for the month you expect to receive it. (These are "best guess-timates", of course.)
  4. Remember to add up the on-orders for each department for each month, and compare that to the OTB budget amount.  (Ideally, you will have money left in each month in each department for re-orders!)

click here to see a Sample Buyer's Tally Sheet

What's Available at The ROI?
What's Available at The ROI?
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ALL Visitors  Key Ratio Benchmark Numbers • 55 Retail Segments 
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Structured, online training courses, plus Executive Calculators for Retailers. For Retail Owners & CEOs, CFOs, Bookkeepers, Buyers, Managers.
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Many Ways to Take Advantage of The ROI
Many Ways to Take Advantage of The ROI

KEY RATIO Benchmark Numbers 55 Retail Segments
click here • compare your store's performance

MEMBERS-ONLY Collection Unlimited Access
Six Executive Calculators for Retailers • Retail Financial How-To Library • TOPICAL TUESDAY Webinars Archive
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