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Key retail benchmarks



Here are the 6 Key Retail Ratios The ROI has selected (from the abundance of ratios available) for retailers to regularly monitor and manage:

Pre-Tax Profit • Gross Margin • Inventory Turnover • Debt-to-Worth Ratio • Current Ratio • GMROI

Choose any one of the 55 retail segments listed on this page, and click the link. Once on that "Retail Segment" page, see Retail Benchmark Trend Charts, available only from The ROI. These special trend charts are a snapshot view of the financial health and viability of each retail sector.

Whether you are a retailer, or you work with retailers, The Retail Owners Institute makes it easy for you to get a quick financial health assessment of any retail business. 


"How can these benchmark numbers be used?"

  1. For perspective. Calculate these ratios for your own business, and then see how you compare to your retail industry segment.
  2. Use these benchmarks when you are setting your own target ratios for the next year.
  3. You should know that when you are seeking a bank loan for your business, the bankers will look at these industry benchmarks as they assess your store's performance.

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  1. The segments featured at The ROI reflect the definitions and designations of the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). The top of each Retail Segment Page on The ROI site includes the NAICS code and the NAICS definition for that industry segment.
  2. The ROI's exclusive Retail Benchmark Trend Charts show the median value reported by Risk Management Association's Annual Statement Studies for each of these key ratios each year.
  3. Retailers may need to examine the benchmark numbers in more than one segment to get perspective on their own store's performance, particularly if their store does not exactly fit the NAICS category.

Users Guide to Benchmarks pages

Click each Key Ratio box to view the 5-Year Trend Charts. 

For example, see GMROI trends

 How to view Five Year Trend ChartsFor example, see GMROI 5-year trends


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