(That's "strategy". Every retailer needs one!)

The Retail STRATA:G® 3-in-1 Kit Bundle

Retail Profits • Inventory • Cash • INTEGRATED!

The Retail STRATA:G 3-in-1 Kit Bundle identifies and explains the essential financial levers in a retail business. Three separate self-paced short courses clearly show how they work, why they matter, and their impact on CASH. 


Then, the 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator automates the number-crunching for you!  "A remarkable breakthrough for retailers!"


The Retail STRATA:G 3-in-1 Kit Bundle is three eLearning Kits in oneIntegrated!

Some call it "connecting the dots". We call it, "Now, everyone will 'get it'!" Available online, "in the cloud", on-demand, 24/7. Nothing to download or install.  Nothing like it anywhere else.


Guaranteed "do it yourself" for retailers.

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Fast & Engaging for Retailers

Built Specially for Busy Retailers


There are three self-paced short courses in the Retail Strata:G 3-in-1 Kit.

Each course includes explanatory how-to content, example case studies, a specialized cause-effect Executive Calculator, and yes, even a final quiz.

The Courses Are Fun! (Really!)
Meet Helen and Irving Surviving, owners of the I. M. Surviving(?!) Company. Follow their progress through each course, as they deal with the issue: "Am I running this business, or is it running me?"

Useful, Practical How-To Techniques
It likely will take you less than an hour for each self-paced course. Each one is packed with powerful and practical how-to techniques you can immediately put to use.



"It's like riding a bike. Learn it once, and you can do it for life!"


What People Are Saying

"Using this Kit, every retailer in the world could get better results."
--Co-Founders, The Retail Owners Institute®

"I want all 28 of our S.B.D.C. Certified Business Advisors to use this whenever they are working with a retailer."
--State Program Director,  Small Business Development Centers

"This program puts the FUN into fundamentals for retailers. Even better, it puts the fun back into retailing!"
--Partner, National Retail Consulting Firm

"Just finished the Cash Flow course and it's brilliant! Loved it!"
--National Account Manager, Corporate Training Provider

"Our retailers need help with inventory control and cash flow, and how to make better business decisions. Your courses are right on point!"
--Manager, Field Business Consultants, National Franchiser

"The content is excellent. I like the story and the delivery. It's clear and easy to understand. Perfect for our busy retailers!"
--Retail Development Manager, National Specialty Store Chain

"The calculators are great. I especially like the real-time updating. The courses do a great job of teaching the concepts. This Kit rocks!!"
--Audio/Video Retailer, Milwaukee

Includes The 3-in-1 Calculator!

Now, Control the Financial Cause-Effects for Yourself

Every 3-in-1 KIT includes the remarkable 3-in1 INTEGRATED Calculator. No additional charge! 

Easy and Fast - Especially for Retailers
As a training tool, it shows the dynamic cause-effect connections between the numbers in a retail business. And, as a practical working tool, this easy-to-use calculator enables retailers to do your own retail cash flow projections. Anytime, from anywhere, 24/7.


Online, in-the-cloud. Nothing to download or install. (Watch the short video; see for yourself.) All the formulas are built-in. Proven best practices. Unlimited online access.

Find More than Cash in Your Retail Business...Find Peace of Mind!

Learn it. Do it. Profit from it.