The GMROI Inventory Productivity Kit

Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment:

The #1 Measure of Inventory Productivity!


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GMROI - Gross Margin Return on Inventory (Investment) - tells you how many Gross Margin dollars you are getting back for each dollar you have invested in inventory.  That's why some call it the "earn 'n turn" calculation.

Now, The Retail Owners Institute makes it easier than ever for you to put this powerful tool to work in your retail operation.

Learn all about GMROI. Practice using the unique GMROI Calculator. Start immediately to take advantage of GMROI in your own business. See for yourself why the real pros in retailing depend on GMROI. 

"Learn it. Do it. And profit from it!"

It will take you less than an hour to work through this one-of-a-kind GMROI Kit. It includes an explanatory how-to eLearning course and case studies to practice using the unique GMROI Calculator. 

Learn for yourself how to use GMROI to evaluate your own buying strategy. Gain more control over the largest asset in your retail operation - your inventory!

Start today! Learn how to put this dynamic "earn and turn" tool to work in your retail operation. 

About the GMROI Inventory Productivity Kit

You will learn:

  • the formula for calculating GMROI;
  • how and why to use GMROI;
  • how to use The ROI's GMROI Calculator;
  • how to project GMROI for your operation;
  • how to use GMROI to improve the productivity of your inventory

GMROI eLearning Course Chapters

  1. Inventory Productivity Can Be Measured - and Managed!
  2. Calculating GMROI
  3. How to Use GMROI to Set Buying Priorities and Make Buying Decisions 
    A Case Study using the GMROI Calculator
  4. "Shouldn't we project GMROI, so we can make better buying decisions?"
    Case Study #2 using the GMROI Calculator
  5. GMROI Results of 52 Retail Segments
  6. Test Your Knowledge of GMROI
  7. Use The Retail Owners Institute's GMROI Calculator

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Course "Sample Chapter"

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Learn it. Do it. Profit from it.