The BASICS of Open-to-Buy Kit

Another eLearning Kit from The ROI • online training • "in the cloud" calculator

What can an "Open-to-Buy" do for you?

  • An Open-to-Buy (a budget for how much inventory to bring in, and when) can improve margins and profits.
  • It can greatly improve cash flow.
  • It can reduce the time spent on inventory management.
  • It can help have the right merchandise in your store at the right time...and avoid having excess stock!
  • It means you can sleep at night!

Most retailers have heard of the inventory managing tool "Open-to-Buy". But too often, it has been shrouded in mystery. Too complex and/or too expensive. Up until now!

Use the BASICS of OPEN-TO-BUY eLearning Kit.

  • Go through the self-paced online training course, Projecting & Controlling INVENTORY BUYING.  As many times as you want. Learn step by step, at your own pace.
  • Then, automate the number-crunching!  Use the "in the cloud" BUYING PLAN Forecaster as much and as often as you wish. Experience the cause-effect dynamics for yourself.  No additional cost. 

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eLearning Course Overview

  • How to control inventory by managing Sales, Margins, Turns, and On-Order;

  • How and why to do an inventory buying plan;

  • The four-part formula for inventory buying (also known as "Open-to-Buy");

  • What turnover is, and how to set turnover targets;

  • How retail sales seasonality affects inventory buying;

  • How to use the BUYING PLAN Forecaster (included, no additional charge) to "automate" your Open-to-Buy planning.

Included in your Kit: BUYING PLAN Forecaster

Calculate Open-to-Buys in minutes!

The BUYING PLAN Forecaster is one of The ROI's Executive Calculators for Retailers. It is available online, "in the cloud", 24/7 with the Open-to-Buy BASICS Kit.

As a training tool, it shows the cause-effect relationships of managing inventory. And, as a practical working tool, it enables you to do your own Open-to-Buy plans, in minutes!

All the formulas are built in. Nothing to download or install. It just works!

  • Enter numbers you know (your expectations for sales and margins.)
  • Set the targeted turnover rate.
  • Immediately see a monthly buying plan! (And its GMROI!)
  • Enter merchandise on-order; immediately see Net Open-to-Buy.
  • Make any changes to sales, margins, turns - immediately see new Open-to-Buy plan!

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Learn it. Do it. Profit from it.