"But...will we have a profit?!"

The Projecting & Controlling PROFITS Kit 

Deals directly with every retailer's challenge: "But...will we have a profit?" 

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Online Training Course - At Your Own Pace

It may take you about an hour to work through this eLearning course on Projecting & Controlling Profits. You will learn:

  • how to turn your Income Statement - a bookkeeping and accounting tool - into a useful management tool

  • how to better analyze past results and see "the Big Picture" of where you've been

  • how to use the online PROFITS Forecaster

  • how to know - in advance! - whether a given combination of sales, margins, and expenses would produce a profit.


PROFITS Forecaster: Fast for Retailers to use. And empowering!

The PROFITS Forecaster is a special projecting tool developed specifically for retailers. It essentially automates the projecting techniques taught in the Projecting & Controlling Profits eLearning Course.

All the formulas are built-in. No spreadsheets for you to have to set up. Available online, 24/7. Nothing to install! It just works!

Using the PROFITS Forecaster to apply what you've learned, you will be able to see - ahead of time! - whether or not your plan will produce a profit.

"But...what if it shows I won't have a profit? What if it shows a loss? Then what?!"

That's when the P&L Forecaster becomes your new best friend!

Use it to try out different combinations of sales, margins, and expenses. Keep thinking of various "what would happen if I...?" ideas; run those through the PROFITS Forecaster.

By being able to compare and contrast the outcomes of different sales plans and expense controls, you soon will have a plan that does "pencil out." Now you know what changes to make in your business - and why! That plan sets the direction for your business, like the "white line down the road".

It's not enough to just keep working harder in your retail business. But by looking ahead and projecting, you can work smarter!

Projecting a Retail P&L is both art and science. You will build on information you have gained from analyzing your P&L, so you can apply your best judgment.  And then, thanks to the PROFITS Forecaster, you will be able to see - ahead of time! - whether or not your plan will produce a profit.

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PROFITS Forecaster in action. Just a few inputs...

Immediately produces a monthly P&L!
PROFITS Forecaster does the number-crunching. You can focus on the results!


Learn it. Do it. Profit from it.