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We recently learned of a pizza parlor in North Carolina that has a kids menu that is quite unusual.

Of course, having a kids menu is not unique. But here's what IS unusual about this one! (And it just might inspire you to think of new ways to show your customers that not only are you listening to them, you actually are hearing them!)

When kids are asked "What would you like to eat?", here is what each answer gets them.

  • "I don't know" = baked ziti
  • "I don't care" = chicken tenders and fries
  • "I'm not hungry" = baked cheese ravioli
  • "I don't want that" = lasagna
  • '"I'm tired" = choice of pasta, choice of sauce
  • "NOOOOOOOOO!" = ham and cheese pita with fries
  • "Fine!!!" -- personal pizza

(Where was this idea when we each were raising our kids?) 

This "Menu Per Bambini" of Mama's Pizza and Pasta speaks volumes, doesn't it? It says to its customers, the parents, "We get it!" 

  • • What a powerful connection with the customer! 
  • • And a wonderful differentiation from other family restaurants. 
  • • Not to mention a great word-of-mouth opportunity for attracting even more families. 

In fact, shouldn't they have a similar menu for Millennials? Or for weary business travelers? Or any number of folks suffering decision fatigue?


We see it as a real inspiration: How might you and your stores be able to make this same kind of "We get it!" connection with your customers? 

People prefer stores that are upbeat, that provide solutions, that make the experience worthwhile, even fun.

  • It's time to unleash your store's personality, and let your likability come out. 
  • Ask your staff to think about stores where they shop: "What might improve your experience there?" 
  • Then, ask them that same question about your store.

It's always time to put some fun into retailing!

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