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Monday, October 18, 2021

From The Co-Founders

Patricia M. Johnson & Richard F. Outcalt
Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC  •  Retail Turnaround Experts

We See a Train Wreck Coming; Do You?!

What a scenario. Shoppers buying vigorously, retailers joyously raising sales expectations, and many more anxious lenders offering "cash in 24 hours!" to business owners.

Wow! Are these the good times, or what?

Forgive us, but today we're focusing on the "or what?" aspect.

Retail owners are upbeat, out-going people-people. And they sure don't want to miss a sale. "Our customers and our staff don't want to be disappointed. So we'll load up on inventory. And borrow whatever it takes from whomever will loan to us." 

Look, we get it. After the last two years of just trying to survive, we can understand the euphoria.

We also know that many retailers are smart about debt. They know it's great to have it available, but even greater to be able to pay it off. Here's help for the latter.

How about some time-saving perspective?

  • Check out Banks4Retailers, one of The ROI's "microsites." Think of it as your business financing resource center. There you can quickly learn more about savvy borrowing, compare types of lenders, take advantage of time-saving tools.  All from a retail perspective. 
  • Or, go directly to The ROI's KEY RATIOS Calculator.  Quickly calculate your Debt-to-Worth ratio and Current Ratio. These are critical to know to avoid your potential train wreck.
We think many retailers will be surprised to discover how "bankable" they really are! Which is exactly why you are receiving so many tempting offers of financing. 

Meanwhile, the Euphoria Train is leaving the station. 
  • Will you be on board, confidently headed to a destination of your choice?
  • Or, will you be at risk of a potential train wreck? Too much unretired debt could do that to you.
There's still time to get on the right track.
Want more of the strategic retailing observations from Outcalt and Johnson?  Prior commentary From The Co-Founders  is available under PERSPECTIVES on The ROI site.   

So, Where Does the Money Go?

You've seen them, right? You may be using one yourself.

The typical accounting package that lists expenses in alphabetical order. Advertising, then Auto Expenses, then Bank Charges, and so on. 

Lines and lines of separate expense items, all detailed to the penny. And built to satisfy the taxing authorities. How useful is that to retail management?! 

You're already paying to get all your data into the P&L. Shouldn't you be able to make money from it? 

Actually, there is an easy way for busy retailers to turn all that line-item data into useful management information. 

WHY do that? 

To get control of all the money that's moving in and out of your business! 

HOW to do that?

With The ROI's Retail Expense "Bucketizer." It's online and free to use; just go here.
  • The Bucketizer is an essential step for understanding and managing "the Big Picture" of your retail business.
  • Plus, it accelerates your use of The ROI's "power tools for decision-makers," the online calculators. 
Ready to make your expense management easier and faster?
Start with the Bucketizer. Free!
Retail Expense BUCKETIZER

The Retail Owners Institute® is huge, 200+ pages. A lot of which is available for free! 

But did you know? About 2/3rds of The Institute is reserved, available only by Membership subscriptions. For hundreds of retailers, it's like having a retail financial consultant on call 24/7. 
See What You're MISSING

One of the Toughest Decisions in Retailing

One of the most difficult decisions for Owners is choosing where the money goes.  Who and what gets paid? And when? 

All too often, there simply is not enough money to keep re-investing in the business and take care of all of your personal obligations. 

We call this "The Owner's Dilemma". Having to make difficult choices:
  • Could I spend for my household and family? (To remodel the kitchen, or pay for college, or...?)
  • Or, should I reinvest in the business? (Upgrade computer systems, remodel the stores, or...?) 
  • And, most important, WHEN?! 

Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt, the Co-Founders of The ROI, have developed a way out of this dilemma. They share their insights and solutions in this TOPICAL TUESDAY Webinar of the Week. 

This will be a practical – and inspiring! – session for Owners. Be sure to take advantage!

BTW: This is a good session for spouses or other family members to watch for themselves.
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