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Monday, January 18, 2021

From The Co-Founders

Patricia M. Johnson & Richard F. Outcalt
Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC  •  Retail Turnaround Experts

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The #1 responsibility of the owner of a business is the survival of your business. And certainly, surviving 2020 tested retail owners like never before. 

All in all, a very volatile and dynamic year to navigate. Mercifully, many retailers survived, maybe you.

As they say, a crisis doesn't build character; it reveals character. 

We believe that lots of character has been revealed through the multiple crises of these pandemics. 

Which is exactly what we want to hear more about! 
Tell Us How You Did It
Retail IS detail, and the details, the so-called "little things," is what will loom large over time.

We encourage you to reflect back and recognize your accomplishments. 

And then, please share with us an example or two that you are appropriately proud of. Just go here to get started.
Yes! We DID it!
The Monthly Retail Sales for December were released by the Commerce Department on January 15. Our Six-Month Trend Charts comparing results to the same month the previous year were updated to include the latest numbers. Go here to see these results.

As we start to anniversary the onset of the coronavirus in early 2020, we anticipate some unusual "comp sales" results. 

Something to consider?

Today we saw a recommendation to compare sales in 2021 not to last year, but to TWO years ago, to 2019. Hmm. 🤔 

We'e not made a decision about that. If you have some thoughts on whether that would be useful to you, please let us know. 

The Retail STRATA:G® Wheel


(That's "strategy." Every retailer needs one!)

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Q: Who will continue to thrive going forward?

A: Those retailers who know and focus on their most profitable customers!

And you can identify your own "most profitable customers" – for FREE! Meet the cause-effect power of The ROI's proprietary Retail STRATA:G® Wheel.

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FREE Access • Webinar of the Week

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By using the Retail STRATA:G® Wheel to analyze and plan your business, you can refocus your store—not on merchandise or price, but on customers!

The Retail STRATA:G® Wheel merges strategic marketing with strategic financial planning. 

By focusing on the customer who is most profitable for your business, you can more effectively make decisions about what financial changes can and should be made to maximize results and minimize risk.    

To read an example of how one retail business owner applied the Retail STRATA:G® Wheel to his store’s financial situation, go here in The ROI's Library for Owners.
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