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--Owner,  Music Stores

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--Co-Owner, Specialty Boutique

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We understand. There IS a lot here at The ROI. 

That's why we've also built two "single-focus" sites for retailers; two separate subsets of The ROI. Each one just has a portion of The ROI's how-to content, calculators, webinars, etcetera, focused on just one major responsibility. Perfect for training your people!

- One focuses only on inventory buying planning; great answer for buyers and aspiring buyers.

- One concentrates on sales and profits; great for store managers or regional managers. 

The Open-to-Buy Center $14.95 or $19.95 per month

Focus on Inventory Management & Control 

The PROFITS Center  $14.95 or $19.95 per month

Focus on Profits. Profits. Profits! 


Or, get it ALL in one place – The Retail Owners Institute $29.95 per month

As the Owner, you have to do it all. That's why The ROI has it all!

Everything that is in these two separate single-focus sites, plus more. Including the Owners Center for focusing on those demanding "owner issues."