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There are many ways to succeed in retailing. But, retail failures have only one cause: financial.

That is why Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC have been building The Retail Owners Institute® since 1999. The ROI, as it is known, is now the foremost self-help financial management resource for retailers and store owners.

Thousands of retailers come to The ROI each month, to take advantage of The ROI's practical how-to info and unique, easy-to-use tools. Use The ROI for your own stores. Make better business decisions, faster. See in advance, "What  would happen if I...?" 


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50 How-To Guides - Inventory, Profits, Cash

Make your stores financially stronger

Most extensive self-help resource on retail financial management • Available on-demand, 24/7

How-To Articles by Retail Experts

  • Controlling Inventory, Profits, Cash
  • Using Retail Finance Basics
  • Addressing Strategic Owner Issues
  • Managing Store Issues

7 Online Projecting Calculators for Retailers

See "What would happen if I...?"

Easy & fast for retailers. Online, "in the cloud". Nothing to download or install.
Get answers - fast!  "How much profit?" "How much inventory?" "Where's the cash?!"

The ROI's Online Projecting Calculators for Retailers 

  • Retail PROFITS Forecaster
  • BUYING PLAN Forecaster (Open-to-Buy)
  • Retailer's 3-in-1 Cash Flow Calculator (P&L + OTB + Cash Flow - INTEGRATED)
  • Key RATIOS Calculator
  • GMROI Calculator
  • Multi-Department OPEN-TO-BUY Planner

23 Recorded Live at TOPICAL TUESDAYS Webinars

Hours of explanatory and retailer-friendly how-to insights 

See the entire collection here

  • Unlimited FREE Access for Members
  • Most Demanding Growth and Survival Issues for Retailers:
    How to Manage & Control Profits • Debt • Inventory • Cash Flow • Vendor, Landlord & Bank Relationships • GMROI 
  • Available to watch anytime, 24/7
  • Lively, entertaining (!), time saving
  • Hours of Consulting Tips, Strategic How-To Guidance


Retail Self-Assessment Tools

Time-Saving Comparison Tools

Get perspective & insights on your stores' performance

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5 Online Retail Training Courses

Learn - then use - retailing's financial levers

Use The ROI's unique "eLearning Kits." 

Each Kit includes a structured how-to training course plus a specialized projecting calculator. Practical and fast for retailers to use. 

These courses-plus-calculators teach and show the What, Why, and How of retail financial management and inventory control.  

The ROI's Online Courses

  • Projecting Retail PROFITS
  • Projecting INVENTORY Buying (Open-to-Buy) Plans
  • Projecting Retail CASH FLOW
  • 3-in-1 Kit Bundle: P&L + OTB + Cash Flow - Integrated!
  • GMROI Inventory Productivity Kit


9 Retail Financial How-To Videos

Learn It • Do It • Profit From It!

unlimited access for ROI Members

Special focus on Owner "pain points."

Survival. Cash flow. Growth strategies.  Attracting the good customers.  Effective delegation.  Crisis management.  Financing.  Succession plans.

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There IS a lot here at The ROI. 

That's why we've also built two "special-focus" sites for retailers; two separate subsets of The ROI. Each one just has a portion of The ROI's how-to content, calculators, webinars, etcetera, focused on just one major responsibility. 

The Open-to-Buy Center $14.95 or $19.95 per month

Focus on Inventory Management & Control 

The PROFITS Center  $14.95 or $19.95 per month

Focus on Profits. Profits. Profits! 


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