Sounding Board Service for Retailers

"When everyone looks to you, who do you look to?"

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There are times, as retailers wrangle with various issues, when getting some perspective from outside your circle of family and friends has a lot of appeal.

How do we know that? Because of the requests we have received over the years from people who use The ROI. "The self-help resources are great," we've been told, "but I would sure like to just talk to someone about this."

And now, with all the changes in technology opening up new ways to "meet" with people wherever they are, we are introducing a Sounding Board Service for retailers. Now is your chance to talk directly with the Co-Founders, and discuss in a confidential manner your most difficult issues.

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Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt have been called "The Zen masters of retail finance!"; "doctors for retailers"; "Amazing!"

Known as good listeners, their engaging and empowering working style with owners and decision-makers is objective and collaborative, and appreciated for its real world practicality. See Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists or Retail Turnaround Experts to learn more about their professional experience.

The Co-Founders of The Retail Owners Institute®, Pat and Dick are recognized experts in strategic retailing. Working only as a team – Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC – they have been consulting, publishing, and speaking professionally throughout North America since 1990.

They focus exclusively on retail, or wherever retail is involved. They work with CEOs, CFOs, boards and owners of retail operations, as well as manufacturers or wholesalers expanding into retail.



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