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You’ve heard about the robust sales numbers on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, right? Now ICSC – the International Council of Shopping Centers – has sponsored a research survey about Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday to delve into them a bit more.

And what they found sure surprised us. 

For example, who were the biggest fans of physical retail and shopping centers?


Yep, those "digital natives", folks ages 18 – 36 chose to make their purchases from physical retailers (or through websites operated by physical retailers) rather than shopping pure online retailers such as Amazon.

In fact, a whopping 76% of both the Millennials and Gen-Xers (ages 37 - 52) actually went to the stores, rather than buying from that store’s website.

Quite a contrast with the Baby Boomers, who seem to prefer the convenience of shopping online. Only 56% of Baby Boomers ventured into the actual physical stores.

"Click and Collect" generated add-on sales
And shoppers using "click and collect" (or BOPIS – Buy Online, Pickup In Store) were highly likely to purchase additiional items once in store. The Baby Boomers had the most dramatic increase from last year: from 26% to 53%.

ICSC shopper survey findings

And here’s another counter-intuitive “fun fact” 
Which age group came out on top in terms of spending more this year than last?

Right again: Millennials.

Almost half – forty-three percent – of Millennials spent more over the two-day period this year than last year. 

Only about a third (37%) of GenX-ers, and just 30% of Boomers spent more.

Ahh, but this finding may not surprise you. 

The Millennials weren’t necessarily shopping for others.

Instead, they were purchasing “non-gift” merchandise rather than Holiday gifts.

Focused on taking advantage of promotions, perhaps? Or self-gifting?

All in all, good reminders that we should not simply assume that the digital-native Millennials are online-only, or that the Baby Boomers are internet-averse.

source: ICSC Industry Insights Study, "Millennials flock to stores, shopping centers", November 25, 2017, by ORC International on behalf of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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