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An outdoor, upscale mall in Southern California had an extensive renovation and expansion two years ago. As reported by Linda Childers in The Washington Post (June 22, 2018), "Unfortunately, the transformed mall attracted not only new customers but also dozens of pigeons." 

And, of course, pigeon droppings. 

Mall management rejected adding fabric netting or strips of spikes to their property.

Instead, to combat this "major pigeon problem," the mall hired Remmy, a Harris's hawk. 

Remmy comes with a handler, whose company uses falconry to intimidate nuisance birds, scaring them away but letting them live. 

"A scared pigeon is an educated pigeon," says Remmy's handler. "That pigeon will return to its flock and let the other birds know there's a hawk here who means business.

"Pigeons are smart birds – they will remember where the hawk is and will seek out another venue for shelter, water and food."

And, as the mall's property manager observed, "Remmy not only keeps the mall free of pigeons, he's also become something of a local celebrity." Some people come to the mall specifically to see Remmy. Selfies, anyone?

Clever, isn't it? 

It reminded us of other similar solutions by retailers. 

Remember the 7-Elevens that were plagued by teenagers loitering in their parking lots? 

Rather than confrontational techniques, management decided to play "elevator music" over loudspeakers. The teens decided to move along.

To us, these upbeat solutions are inspiring. We like the mix of shrewdness and whimsy. 

Think about some of the vexing issues facing your stores; might they lend themselves to an unexpected solution?

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