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Doing retail has always been a challenging and fascinating and evolving exercise. As the old Chinese proverb states, “It’s easy to open a store. However, it’s tough to keep it open.”

And today, seemingly more than ever, people are drawn to retailing. Consider:

  • Vendors and manufacturers who decided that they would rather open their own stores than continuing to deal with “failing” retailers. It would be so much easier.
  • Online-only operators choosing to offer customers a hands-on experience with their product. (And then, those pesky customers were in their stores, but "Just looking, thank you." Who knew?)

These and others fit into our category of “retail-as-added-use.” Retailing is not their core competency; they are manufacturers or direct marketers, or wholesalers, or importers, or whatever. Nonetheless, they are confident that they can better represent their products and brand to the customers than can professional retailers.

Hmm. We think they are likely to discover that there is more to retailing than meets the eye. In fact, consider our analogy:

We think that opening and successfully operating a retail store is a lot like assembling Ikea furniture.

It takes a lot more time than you expected

It requires a lot of attention to detail.

It has an amazing number of small parts

It has no written instructions

There is no shortage of opinions of how you should be doing it

Having a picture of the finished result is sometimes not all that helpful

It is highly unlikely that you will be successful on your first try

It can seem a bit rickety even after you think you are finished

Let us be perfectly clear. Ikea furniture is terrific. Loved and used by millions.

But so are stores!

Successfully going from a vision to its accomplishment? The pros make it look sooooo easy.

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