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Advice for Retailers: Be a Bumper Car!?

As we reflect on this year and the multiple and still-ongoing effects of the pandemic, we are inspired once again by the resilience and perseverance of independent retailers. 

Then we saw a comment about dealing with adversity that seems particularly relevant to retailers. 

Remember Cher, the entertainer? (And conservationist and philanthropist.) She was asked by Christine Amanpour about how she dealt with adversity and setbacks (like bankruptcy) throughout her career.

  • Cher's response: "I always thought of myself as a bumper car. I thought if I hit the wall, well, I would just bounce off and head a new direction."

Isn't that the perfect example of surviving as a retailer?

Be a bumper car! When adversity strikes, bounce off and find a new direction. And then keep at it. 

And one more thing retailers can identify with: how many "Farewell Tours" has Cher had so far? If you've said "Farewell" to something, even your store, get cracking on your next idea. 

Especially in 2020-21, we all can benefit by taking Cher's advice. Be a bumper car!


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