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Be Ready - New Kind of 4th of July Is Coming

We think this may be a very different 4th of July Holiday weekend. 

It will not be just about red, white & blue window displays, or flag waving, or fireworks displays. Instead, there is a new mood, a new attitude that is emerging. 

First, we believe that all shoppers are reeling from being swamped by some major and concurrent attention-grabbing events and trends affecting all of us. Seemingly with no end in sight.

  • Just consider for a minute the deserved attention that the January 6th Congressional hearings are getting.
  • And of course, the historic inflation affects every family, and is a distraction to all shoppers, whether at the gas station, a restaurant, the grocery store, wherever.
  • Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine and the flood of refugees streaming from that country is troublesome to anybody paying attention. 

And if all that weren't enough, the spikes in the Covid virus are continuing. The repeated headlines of gun violence, and those children. And now, a devastating heat wave will be affecting about half of the country in the next few days.  

And look, we haven't named all of the unique currents. But, we do call your attention to our prediction:

  • These troubling trends – all of which seem outside of our control – have generated a special and rather strong new attitude: a renewed commitment to a set of ideals, shared values. A renewed commitment to the importance of community.

You might call it a new patriotism.

And we think this is going to be very evident – and appropriate – this 4th of July weekend.

What does that mean for retailers? In our opinion, it's a great opportunity to help celebrate the shared endurance that we all must continue to have. And to gain strength by renewing our bonds of community with our family, friends, neighbors, customers, staff, suppliers, et al.

There's really a great deal to feel good about. Keep the faith.

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