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"Bifurcation" – Maybe Your Strategy?

For retailers there are two very strong trends happening now through the Holiday Season. And they are remarkably divergent. 

  • One that is getting a lot of publicity is how Target, WalMart, etc. are promoting their “Black Friday “ specials four weeks before Thanksgiving. 

    Sounds desperate to us, but it is a sign of the times. 
  • The other major trend that is getting little publicity is that, for several unique reasons, shoppers ARE shopping and are more than willing to pay full, even inflated prices.

    And they are doing so especially in local, independently owned specialty stores. (Ahh, finally!)

Two very different trends; that’s bifurcation.

And we think that’s a terrific strategic opportunity for you. 

Bifurcate Your Stores!  

You need to boldly recognize the two separate trends for the next two months.Your strategic opportunity is to make them parallel, not divergent.

  • When customers walk in you want them to be dazzled by your (full margin) assortment of current merchandise.
  • But, you also want them to become aware of your section of half-price (not called “clearance”) merchandise. Make that dazzling as well!

Remember, the “theatre of retailing” is an art form that the pros in the industry can attribute for much of their success.

And the “pros” come in all sizes, from the tiniest retailers to the largest. 

They’re all owners like you.

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