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Our Optimism for Independent Retailers Worldwide

Sure, It's Just Our Opinion

As we look out at the second half of 2023, we're actually quite optimistic for independent retailers worldwide. No, really!

The statistics haven't yet borne out what we are "seeing," but just wait a bit.

To begin our justification, let's look at the really Big Picture. Generally, the Covid pandemic has been wrestled down. Likewise, inflationary prices seem to no longer be a threat. The worrisome political scene has resumed its traditional state of boredom, and the major concern now is something we can't do much about: each day's weather.

So, looking at the Big Picture, we see the general population for the second half of the year to be quite serene, even optimistic. And that bodes very well for shoppers' confidence!

Meanwhile, independent retailers are in pretty darn good shape!

  1. They survived!
  2. A decade of new technology is no longer "new."
  3. The charming uniqueness of shops has alleviated some of the staffing issues. 
  4. Best of all, the owners have become much better owners because of the recent tough times. 

So, the headlines and articles on the business pages focus on the challenges of publicly-traded retail operations with hundreds or thousands of stores and the management challenges that those represent.

Meanwhile, independent retailers continue to enjoy the satisfaction of catering to their very best customers and choosing their own way forward.

Sure, it's just our opinion, but...


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