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Send a Love Note – To Your Customers!

Just one week until Valentine's Day! Are you feeling the love yet?

  • Tumult, rancor and uncertainty abound in the day's news.
  • Big storms are pounding large areas.
  • The pandemic is lingering.

What better time to send a love note to your customers? 

That's right. A Valentine. Just a Valentine. No strings attached! Show your love!

  • No special discount coupon.
  • No "bounce back" offers ("come back by such-and-such-a-date to save $$$.")
  • No "sign up for our Insider's Club."

No expectation of them doing anything more for you!

Just an out-and-out thank you note. A love note for being your customer! 

Don't limit this to just the recent customers. Go back in time as far as you can. They'll love it!

No matter how they shop with you, in-store, online, or some combination of that.

And match your Valentine to however they connect with you. Post it on Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok; or emails; text messages; or printed mailers. All the ways you use to connect with them.

  • Thank them for their loyalty and their business.
  • Tell them you love serving them, and being part of their community.
  • And make it clear that this Valentine comes from your entire staff!

Show them that you care – because we know you do.

And especially now, especially in today's environment, should we really need an excuse like Valentine's Day to share a little love? 


And yes, we thank you for your interest in and support of The Retail Owners Institute. We appreciate you more than we can express!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Pat & Dick

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