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Retailing's "Pandemic Trifecta of 2020"

YOU are the leader we need now!

Most of the people who receive our weekly newsletter from The Retail Owners Institute® are either owners of stores (duh...) or work with retail owners, not only in America but around the world.

When you think about it, owners and senior management of retail businesses are looked upon as leaders everyday, by employees, by suppliers, by customers, by their families and often by the media. You are community builders. 

Amidst this pandemic, your leadership is more vital than ever.

By leadership, we mean your calm, your upbeat attitude, your perseverance, and the character we know you possess. 

But here's the deal: there are three concurrent pandemics, not just one: 

  • the coronavirus itself is one pandemic;
  • the economic collapse is another pandemic;
  • and now in the United States, the pandemic of racial injustice leading to nationwide protests and looting. 

Each one of these pandemics demands informed responses and good judgment. The concurrence of all three threatens to overwhelm us all. 

The magnitude of the situation represents – loudly – the need for YOU. 

As a retailer, be a leader. Your community needs you now more than ever. 


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