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See the Sales Potential in Your Inventory

Managing inventory – arguably the #1 responsibility of a retailer – has been beset by a host of new and sometimes daunting challenges since 2020.

The last few months of 2022 only made matters worse. As supply chain issues seemed to subside, foreboding talk of a recession dominated, dampening customer spending. 

Many retailers are feeling a bit over-inventoried as a result. Similar to that sense of having a few added pounds after the holidays.

In other words, a situation that is crying out for perspective. And The ROI has you covered on that!

Just go here on The ROI site to use our unique Index of Sales Potential, or "Inventory Gadget" for short.

  • Just enter your current inventory @cost;
  • Choose your retail segment from the dropdown menu;
  • See what the median retailer in your segment generates in annual sales with that amount of inventory.

How's that for perspective? Granted, "your mileage may vary." 

But you also could discover that you have a lot of potential for a great 2023 already present in your stores, just waiting to get out.

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