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Spring Cleaning – With a Purpose!

Ahh, springtime! A time for new beginnings, fresh starts.

Spring also is a time for "Spring Cleaning" – that time of year to spruce up, clean up, fix up. Sigh! Another chore.

This year, here's how to break out of that another-to-do-task rut.

It starts by seeing your stores the way your shoppers see them. Then, with that awareness, the spruce up, clean up, fix up tasks can actually focus on attracting and appealing to your very best customers. 

And we have the (free!) tool to make all this happen.

  • First, check out this article on The ROI site: Rating Your Store From a Shopper's Perspective. See the 25 "retail is detail" items that do matter to shoppers.  
  • Then, use The ROI's Store Rater tool (either on paper or online) to rate your store, to give it a grade (just like shoppers do every day!)
  • Then see what the tally sheet shows as the 25 items are regrouped into 5 major categories: First Impressions; The Basics; Merchandise; Marketing; Theater of Retail.  All kinds of new insights are likely to emerge. 

Plus, it's easy to involve your staff, which can motivate them all the more as they are part of "why?" certain things need to change. 

Nothing like some Springtime fresh perspective, is there? 

You – and your shoppers – will be delighted with the results. 

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