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The "Whack-a-Mole" Uncertainties

Don't you feel that we're in a period of heightened uncertainty? 

Whether it's the economy, or unemployment, or grocery prices, or sports resuming, or the weather, or racial tensions, or the costs  of everything, or the questions coming at us from family and employees that we cannot answer, everything seems uncertain, doesn't it? And there is no end in sight.

But...we as retailers can be leaders in our communities and in our  daily lives. We have the opportunity to tamp down some of those uncertainties.

Look at this sign a local merchant posted.

You don't see uncertainty there, do you?

  • It makes their policy on customer behavior and mask-wearing abundantly clear.
  • All delivered in a casual, conversational tone (that made us smile!)
  • The message is clear: wear a mask. And oh. Don't even try to argue about this with our front line staff. 

Look for ways you and your organization can be more clear, more decisive, yes, more optimistic. In these days of the uncertainty throughout the triple pandemic, your upbeat clarity would be a welcome relief.

Nobody signed up for these stressful times and challenges. We believe that owners of retail businesses, being risk-taking, team building, imaginative optimists are perfect candidates for the leadership role that's needed now. 

We're counting on you. Stay strong!

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