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This is Disruption with a Capital D!

Remember thinking that Amazon was the most disruptive force to happen to retailing? (Well, at least since Walmart was the most disruptive....)

However, the coronavirus pandemic eclipses them all. No matter where you live or do business, it is not whether, just when, COVID-19 will impact your life. Disruption with a capital D!

But, retailing has forever been a dynamic industry. Retailers have proven to be resilient through many unpredictable times.  

Indeed, that constant change is what attracts many to retailing in the first place. 

What also attracts folks to owning a retail business is the opportunity to be their own boss, to be in control. 

That's what makes this crisis so demoralizing. Given its dual nature – first, the virus; then, the looming economic repercussions – how can one have any sense of control?

We get that! We do understand. 

Just remember, at some point, the COVID-19 virus will subside. In the meantime, unless you are a health care professional or operate a grocery store, you have a precious asset: lead time. 


Today requires that we summon as much fortitude, resilience and grace as possible. Wise use of lead time makes that much more possible.

And that's where The ROI can help you out. The ROI site is chock full of self-serve resources and tools available precisely for uncertain times. 

At the top of your to-take-advantage-of list should be The ROI's 3-in-1 Cash Flow Calculator. Now available for unlimited free access to everybody, it can and should be your new Best Friend!

  • You don't need to be able to tell the future.
  • You do need to have an idea of the financial implications of each idea you consider in order to weather this crisis. 

​Go here on The ROI site to get started. Click the "Here's how to get started. Let's go!"  button to see step-by-step guidance. 

It's a little like skipping ahead to the last chapter of the book to see how things will turn out. It's an important step toward more peace of mind.

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