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Time for That Springtime (Upbeat) State of Mind

According to the calendar, as of March 21, it officially is springtime. No matter what the weather is doing.

Well, it's time to bring the calendar to real life! Spring is really a state of mind! The dark winter has passed. Even the rain is warmer in the spring. And new growth is beginning to sprout; leaves are coming out. It's a wonderful, fresh outlook.

And that of course means it is a wonderful opportunity for retailers to refresh and reenergize their stores. 

No matter what merchandise you sell - whether it's tires, apparel, books, housewares, office supplies, whatever - every retailer is in the fashion business.

And that means that your customers are wanting what is new and fresh.You know; "in fashion."

How to bring that Springtime State of Mind to your stores? 

It's easier than you think. No additional costs. And best of all, It can be quite energizing for your staff. And your shoppers!

  • Tweak your displays.
    Feature merchandise with lighter/brighter colors.

  • Change the soundtrack.
    Lighter/brighter works here as well.

  • Wash the windows! 
    Wash away that winter grime. A little sparkle and shine goes a long way.

  • Check the lights. 
    Make sure none of them are out. Get rid of any dark corners.
    And by all means, insure that all spotlights actually shine onto merchandise, not that spot on the floor where the display used to be....

  • Remember your staff.
    Maybe it's time for a Spring Fever treat for them. 
    Whatever it takes to make sure they, like your customers, have that Springtime State of Mind. 

It's contagious!
It's fun.
It's timely.
It's another competitive edge you can have!


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