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Time for the Shoppers to Bounce Back

Retailers are notable for their optimism and their resilience.

And the last couple of years have provided ample opportunities to showcase their ability to bounce back.

But now, it's 2022. Time for those customers to pick up the slack. And here's an idea for helping them get started. Without costing a penny in advertising!

Print up some "bag stuffers" (you know, conspicuous notes) inviting them to come back in November.

As you add it to their bag following their purchase this month, point out that when they "bounce back" to your store in November,they will save 20% off one item. 

That should be worth a return trip, right?

Of course, you also can have the same offer for all online shoppers. The point is to get these customers to come back in November and spend some more money with you!

  • Why "bounce back?" Because repeat customers are much better than trying to invent new ones. 

  • Why 20%? This is 2022, remember? It has to be a meaningful discount. (Maybe even higher? You decide.)

  • Why November? The sooner, the better. Competition is tougher than ever. The national chains – and Amazon – are starting big promotions in November. (Even pizza chains are advertising 20% off everything!) And besides, folks are shopping earlier.

But here's maybe the best part of all. By offering 20% off one item of their choosing, you have given more control to your shoppers. 

And these days, when much of our lives can seem out of control, that can have a lot of appeal!

Here's a sample idea to prompt your good thinking (and better design skills!) But don't dawdle. You've got to start getting those bag stuffers out there while there's still time left in October. 


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