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We See a Train Wreck Coming; Do You?

What a scenario. Shoppers buying vigorously, retailers joyously raising sales expectations, and many more anxious lenders offering "cash in 24 hours!" to business owners.

Wow! Are these the good times, or what?

Forgive us, but today we're focusing on the "or what?" aspect.

Retail owners are upbeat, out-going people-people. And they sure don't want to miss a sale. "Our customers and our staff don't want to be disappointed. So we'll load up on inventory. And borrow whatever it takes from whomever will loan to us." 

Look, we get it. After the last two years of just trying to survive, we can understand the euphoria. Retailers are all-too-eager to board that Euphoria Train.

But, we also know that many retailers are smart about debt. They know it's great to have it available, but even greater to be able to pay it off. Here's help for the latter.

How about some time-saving perspective?

  • Check out Banks4Retailers, one of The ROI's "microsites." Think of it as your business financing resource center. 

There you can quickly learn more about savvy borrowingcompare types of lenders, take advantage of time-saving tools.  All from a retail perspective. 

Quickly calculate your Debt-to-Worth ratio and Current Ratio. These are critical to know to avoid your potential train wreck.


We think many retailers will be surprised to discover how "bankable" they really are! (Which is exactly why you are receiving so many tempting offers of financing.)

Meanwhile, the Euphoria Train is leaving the station. 

  • Will you be on board, confidently headed to a destination of your choice?
  • Or, will you be at risk of a potential train wreck? Too much unretired debt could do that to you.

There's still time to get on the right track.

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