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Why Even Profitable Retailers Fail

We know that retail startups are up, but alas, so too are retail failures; even higher than historical norms. 

Why is this happening?

  • Is it Amazon? Or, the pandemic? Or tight money?
  • Or supply chain problems? Or not enough good employees? Or Covid fatigue?
  • Unable to keep up with competitors? Overly-demanding landlords?
  • Downtowns or malls being slow to bring customers back? 
  • Or, some combination of factors? Or...? Or...?

Yes, the headwinds for retailers right now are real, and plenty difficult.

However, it turns out that the underlying causes of failures do not change; like cockroaches, they just endure!

For perspective, it's time to review them. We have identified five principal reasons that even profitable businesses can fail. 

  • Hint: Declining sales is NOT one of these Top Five
  • Silver lining in the dark clouds: all of the Top Five can be managed and often avoided.

To find out what these five dream killers are, and more important, practical ways to sidestep them in your business, see this quick overview: Five Reasons Even Profitable Retail Businesses Fail. 

From there, you also can find links to specific tools and resources elsewhere on The ROI site to help you address all of these challenges. 

It's all free. Yet the insights it offers could be priceless for you!

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