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Retailing Today Depends on One Thing: SAFETY

Think about it. Shoppers, employees, people everywhere today have, in the back of their minds, one defining thought. 

No matter where they work, where they shop, where they live, where they travel, where they eat, they always wonder "How safe will I be?"

Clearly, the Delta variant resurgence has focused the world on a sense of uncertainty that we all thought was behind us. Fact is, the situation may get worse before it gets better.

And retailers and restauranteurs everywhere are earnestly trying to assure their employees, prospective hires, long time customers, new shoppers, their families, everybody – that safety is their highest priority. Indeed, many stores, malls, and other retail environments are very good at it.

But consumers need to be convinced every day. It's a major deciding factor in everybody's life. 

As always, the customers get to choose where they go – or not.

Just as the retailers and restaurants must depend on the customers, employees must depend on the businesses to provide a safe environment.

And, the landlords cannot depend on the retailers and restaurants to re-open or be open unless they have sufficient employees, and of course, customers. All of whom must feel safe.

These are unprecedented times.

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