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What's the Score? Measure Your Financial Strength

By now, you have your year-end financials for 2021. Remember, it always comes with a Balance Sheet!

Whether sales are up, down, or sideways, the financial strength – and staying power – of every business is shown on its Balance Sheet. And revealed by its Balance Sheet ratios.


In our consulting work with independent retailers, our work always begins by calculating their key ratios for the most recent two or three years, paying particular attention to the trends.

  • Is this a business that is getting stronger? 
  • Or, is it in decline?

This is what prompted us to develop a special online tool so that any retailercan do that kind of analysis for themselves, quickly. Accurately. And for free!

You may find that you are much stronger than you realize!

We call it the FINANCIAL STRENGTH Rater for retailers. It focuses on five ratios. You just enter your ratios for two years; get immediate feedback!

  • Quickly see the Trend rating of the "vital signs" of your business; is each one up or down, slightly or substantially?
  • What does that mean? Get a score of 1 to 5 for each one, pinpointing areas of strength as well as potential trouble spots.
  • And, see what the overall total suggests about the resilience of your business moving forward.
  • It also has built-in "INFO" buttons with reminders about each ratio.

(Be sure to check out the "Is there some mistake?" section to really appreciate the full power of this tool.)

Yes, there is a lot packed into the FINANCIAL STRENGTH Rater. That's what makes it so useful to busy retailers. It takes very little time for you to assess your business like the pros do. 

All on your own. Free! Only at The ROI.


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