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Is there any limit to how much I can use The ROI as a Member?
ROI Members have no limits to using the site. You will be able to access the entire Members-Only Collection as much as you want, as often as you want, 24/7.
Is there a minimum length of time for Memberships?
Memberships are either monthly or yearly, so the minimum time is one month. Your Member Access Privileges automatically renew with each payment.
How can I see ALL of The ROI site?
It's easy! Just start a subscription to be a Member. That opens up the entire Members-Only Collection to you, 24/7, for as long as your subscription payments continue.
Once I start my subscription, how soon do I get into the Members-Only Collection?
Immediately! You simply complete the checkout and payment process on the SUBSCRIBE page. Your Member Access Privileges will automatically renew when your recurring payment is processed, whether each month or the special value Yearly payment.
How do I "JOIN The ROI" and get Member-Access Privileges?
It's easy! Go to the SUBSCRIBE page and make your choice of the best value YEARLY payment, or low MONTHLY payments. Then, complete the form and submit your payment information (oh, that). Your credit card payments are processed privately and securely through
What if I want to CANCEL my Member-Access Privileges and stop my subscription payments?
We will be disappointed! But it is easy to do. Just notify us directly through this link. Include your name, contact information, and User Name. You will receive a confirmation from us via email.

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