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The ROI's "Nine Stepper" for Do-It-Yourself Forecasting

How busy retailers become savvy retailers


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December 13, 2018
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Advanced retail financial management technique

Do-It-Yourself Forecasting 

(How busy retailers become savvy retailers)

There are 3 kinds of retailers:

Those who make things happen

Those who watch things happen

Those who say, "Um, what happened?!"

Why are those who are in the first group - the retailers who make things happen - able to be so purposeful? Where does their confidence come from?

Their ability to look ahead. To preview the outcome. To understand, in advance, "What would happen if I...?"  

Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt, Co-Founders of The Retail Owners Institute, have developed a clear, step-by-step process to accomplish all that, specifically for busy retailers. They call this powerful projecting approach – wait for it – The Nine Stepper.

In their lively style, Pat and Dick share this unique process in this week's TOPICAL TUESDAYS Webinar of the Week.

First, they review the cause-effect links of your financial statements (what some call "connecting the dots")

Then, they introduce their Nine Stepper, which they developed to guide you through the proper sequence of review, analysis and "what if...?" planning (or, what some call "the retailer's Rubik's Cube") 

While this is an advanced retail financial management technique, like all the TOPICAL TUESDAYS sessions, it is packed with empowering consulting tips as well.

The Presenters

Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt have been called "The Zen masters of retail finance!"

Their engaging and empowering how-to presentations about the financial levers in retailing are informative, fun(!), and retailer-friendly.

Each of their TOPICAL TUESDAYS webinars is a fast-paced and entertaining session: 40 minutes of explanatory and practical content delivered by Pat and Dick. Their promise: "Everyone will 'get it'!"

The Co-Founders of The Retail Owners Institute®, Pat and Dick are recognized experts in strategic retailing. Working only as a team – Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC – they have been consulting, publishing, and speaking professionally throughout North America since 1990.

They focus exclusively on retail, or wherever retail is involved. They work with CEOs, CFOs, boards and owners of retail operations, as well as manufacturers or wholesalers expanding into retail.

For more, see Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists or Retail Turnaround Experts.

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