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(Very!) Live Speaking/Training Presentations
Turnaround and Other Action Steps for Retailers
presented by
Pat Johnson & Dick Outcalt, Co-Founders, The ROI

Team Speaking • Lively • Customized • Humorous • Frank • Practical • Useful • Timely • Motivating

Workshop Titles
  • "Retailer's Nine Step Turnaround Guide"
  • “Am I Running This Business…Or Is It Running Me?!”
  • “Turn On Your Financial Headlights”
  • “Strategic Retailing: It’s Now or Never!”
  • “The BIG Picture: How Retailers Must Think Today”
  • “How Do I Get Cash Out of My Business?”
  • “Inventory Control: How In the World Do I Do That?”
  • “The Greatest Opportunity in Retailing: Growing the Expertise of Owners
Content Topics
  • The Future of Retailing...Don't Be MYTH-LED!
  • Cash Flow: The Bottom Bottom Line
  • GMROI - #1 Productivity Tool
  • Open-to-Buy – It’s a FOUR-Part Formula
  • Inventory Turnover – Focus Everyone On It
  • 12-Second Ratios – An Owner’s Dashboard
  • De-Coding Your Financial Statements
  • Every Retailer Has Three Levels of Issues
  • The Four (Only) Ways to Grow
  • Control Inventory…or Close Down
  • Profit: If It’s Not Cash, What Is It?
  • Owner’s Dilemma: Fund Family, or Store?

What Sponsors Say

You did it again!  You two gave a tremendous presentation at our recent Shoe Retailers University. 

I heard attendees say your presentation was what they needed to understand and to do.  There was a buzz in the office that "Dick and Pat were really great!"  Attendees passed their praise to the staff for having you on the program. 

Your evals had more "excellents" checked than any other presentation.

Your presentations reflect the passion you both have for the financial management of a business.
--  Bill Boettge, Director of Special Projects
    National Shoe Retailers Association

 Oh my gosh – the class is all raving about the education you provided on Retail Finance.  The "WOW" factor has been achieved!!!!

You’ve got to feel great – certainly I do. More importantly, the class loved it.
-- Sandi GroveRetail Training Manager
    Hallmark Cards, Inc


Your presentation, "The BIG Picture: How Retailers Must Think Today" was well received with the attendees giving you top marks. 

We received very positive comments such as "Prep + delivery + presentation = excellent information" and "It was amazing & understandable and I look forward to application."

You received some of the highest ratings from those who attended sessions.
-- Mary Ann Hunt, Executive Director
   Natural Products Association - Northwest  


Fee Schedule
Onsite Workshops/Breakout Sessions

(60/75/90 minutes)

All presentations are by Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt, Co-Founders of The Retail Owners Institute, who are described as "the foremost retail financial motivational speakers" (and that's not an oxymoron!) 

Pat and Dick speak only as a team (and yes, they occasionally interrupt one another.)  They use  no lecterns, no notes, three large 4'x6' whiteboards, and, get this, no PowerPoints!

Their promise is that everyone will "get it", and they have delivered on that promise to more than 10,000 retailers.

Their speaking fees are All-Inclusive; Sponsors have no surprises.  
The flat fee for 60 to 90 minute presentations covers Speaking Honorarium + all travel, meals, and lodging expenses for both presenters.  Special pricing options are available for quantity packages.

Contact Dick Outcalt for details. 800.499.7531, or via email.

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