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for Retail Owners & CEOs, CFOs, Managers, Buyers, Bookkeepers 

  • A retailer looking ahead? 
  • A start-up looking for answers? 
  • Developing a retail business plan?
  • Need to develop your key managers and buyers? 
  • Or, simply need better financial results?

Whatever your situation, you want to find out more - fast! Here's the perfect answer: structured training courses from The ROI.

Built specially for retail owners & CEOs, CFOs, managers, buyers, and bookkeepers.

Unique "eLearning KITS" include a structured how-to training course plus a special "in the cloud" cause-effect retail calculator. No additional cost!

Projecting Retail PROFITS Kit •  more info

Projecting INVENTORY BUYING (Open-to-Buy) Plans •  more info

Projecting Retail CASH FLOW - Integrated! •   more info

GMROI Inventory Productivity Kit •  more info

What People Are Saying About These Courses

"I want all 28 of our S.B.D.C. Certified Business Advisors to use this whenever they are working with a retailer."
--State Program Director,  Small Business Development Centers

"Just finished the Cash Flow course and it's brilliant! Loved it!"
--National Account Manager, Corporate Training Provider

"Our retailers need help with inventory control and cash flow, and how to make better business decisions. Your courses are right on point!"
--Manager, Field Business Consultants, National Franchiser 

"Using this Kit, every retailer in the world could get better results."
--Co-Founders, The Retail Owners Institute®

"The content is excellent. I like the story and the delivery. It's clear and easy to understand. Perfect for adult learners!"
--Retail Development Manager, National Specialty Store Chain

"The calculators are great. I especially like the real-time updating. The courses do a great job of teaching the concepts. You guys rock!!"
--Audio/Video Retailer, Milwaukee

"I'm really impressed by how accessible this complicated financial information is. I learned a lot and found the content very smooth and easy to understand."
--Small Business Owner, Chicago

"Online courses are a great idea for busy small business owners. Keep up the good work with your innovative tools to keep retailers alive!"
--Director of Dealer Training & Development, Atlanta 



Some call it "connecting the dots." We call it, "Now, everyone will 'get it'!" 

The self-paced eLearning course in each eLearning Kit includes explanatory retail financial how-to content, example case studies, demonstrations of how to use the specialized cause-effect "calculator", and yes, even a final quiz

And, you WILL have fun!
Meet Helen and Irving Surviving, owners of the I. M. Surviving(?!) Company. 

Follow their progress through each course, as they deal with the issue: "Am I running this business, or is it running me?"

Every eLearning Kit includes an online Projecting Retail Calculator. Unlimited access. No additional charge.

These special calculators are online, "in the cloud", available on-demand, 24/7. Nothing to download or install; all the formulas are built in. 

Easy - and fast! - for retailers to use. 

As training tools, these calculators show the dynamic cause-effect connections between the numbers in a retail business. 

And, as practical working tools, these easy-to-use calculators enable any retailer, anywhere, to run their business like the pros do! 


Learn it. Do it. Profit from it!


Online training courses, on-demand, 24/7 

Easy and fast for retailers to use

Self-paced courses+calculators

Teach the What, Why and How  of retail financial projecting and inventory control.



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