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Just a few more days until...the 26th!

The savvy retailers know that now is the time to be putting the finishing touches on – wait for it – being ready for December 26!

Yes, this unique time period between December 26 and New Year's Day is a tremendous make-or-break opportunity. Indeed, many retailers find they net more from this time than any earlier stretch of 6-10 days!

Why? Three main reasons.

First, the many opportunities to reduce expenses "back to normal". Less advertising cost. Less staff. Fewer hours.

Second, those people using Gift Certificates, making returns or exchanges are potential new customers. Likely, many of them haven't been in your store before. A great opportunity!

And third, the opportunity to clear out seasonal merchandise, generate cash, and move on to the New Year.

So, make your list and check it twice. Here's how to be sure to be ready.

  • Adjust your staffing and advertising schedules, so you are sure to realize the expense savings.
  • Set those special merchandise markdowns, in readiness for those After-Christmas Price Hounds. Make the savings significant.
  • Renew the emphasis on capturing customers' email addresses.
  • Provide special incentives to bring the customers back. Liberally give out coupons - bag stuffers! - such as "15% off February Purchases." 

Three More "Readiness Reminders"

Before you lock the doors at closing time on Christmas Eve, be certain you have taken care of these 3 key things:

  • Change the music sound track! No more jingle all the way. Have some fresh, appealing and upbeat music to greet your shoppers on the 26th.
  • Be sure the replacement displays are staged and ready to quickly be put in place before you open on Monday morning.
  • As soon as you can, get that new, full-margin merchandise out for this traffic to scoop up. And they will!

And one more key reminder

Somehow, some way, you and your senior staff must be sure to express your appreciation – convincingly – to each of your front-line people. Their commitment and attitude is everything.

"It's not how you start; it's how you finish!"  The post-Christmas time may determine the overall outcome of your entire 2022 Holiday Season! Be ready. Make it very merry and bright!

There's still time to turn "Ho Ho Hum" into "Ho! Ho! Ho!"


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