Need Answers for Decisions Like These? 

  • "What will it take to reach break even?"
  • "Looks like I should close one of my stores.  Which one?"
  • "When can I take more money out of this business?"
  • "Is moving the store to get lower rent actually smart?"
  • "Our inventory is building up. Must we get a loan? If so, how large?"
  • "Cutting prices seems a must. Even if sales go up, will we have a loss?"
  • "Remodeling will cost $100K, but our turns will improve.  Does remodeling pencil out?"

Find out for yourself - in minutes! - without having to ask your accountant or bookkeeper!  

Use the 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Cash Flow Calculator - an Executive Calculator for Retailers.

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Quick for Retailers to Use and Understand.
Gain peace of mind. Face the future with confidence!

This online 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator enables any retailer, anywhere, to quickly generate a profit plan (budget) for the year, plus an Open-to-Buy plan plus the resulting cash flow projection!  All from the same few inputs!

What does this mean?  When you are starting to pull together your profit plan (budget), use the 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator
You'll get not just a projected P&L, but a complete, integrated financial plan, exclusively for retailers.

It's for Projecting, Not Accounting

The 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator knows which of the numbers from your projected P&L to carry over to your OTB plan (and your cash flow), and which numbers from your OTB plan (based on your planned sales, margins and turns) to carry over ("integrate") into your cash flow projection.  And it all happens instantaneously, as you work!

Don't like how a particular plan looks?  No problem! (Nice to know ahead of time, isn't it?)  Just make whatever adjustments you want. "What would happen if I...?"
  • ...change sales?  Change one or two months, or more.  Did that help?
  • ...change margins?  Make those changes.  What difference did that make?
  • ...adjust expenses? Selling expenses will adjust automatically. But what about those "fixed expenses" that have a flat dollar amount each month? Maybe some of those can be changed.  Does that help?
  • ...tweak turns?  Hmmm, I see from the projected Cash Flow that my biggest outlay each month is for the merchandise. Wonder what would happen if I raised turns?  See any difference now?
Make those changes all at once.  Or, try them one at a time to see what happens.

See? There's a reason this is called the retailer's new best friend!

FYI: Many of the Recorded Live at TOPICAL TUESDAYS Seminars show the 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator in action.  More info here.

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