Power Tools for Retail Decision-Makers

The ROI's proprietary online calculators are for projecting, not accounting. These "power tools" have been specially built for retail owners and decision-makers.

  • Online, 24/7, they enable you to compare outcomes of your choices, in advance, on your own - automagically! 
  • Now retail decision-makers everywhere can make more informed decisions – with confidence!

These retailer-friendly power tools need just a few inputs of numbers you already know: sales, margins, turns, expenses. Immediately, the calculator shows you the financial outcome.

Yikes. Don't like the looks of that result? No problem!

  • Make some changes to your inputs, your assumptions. It's easy and fast.

  • Immediately see that outcome.

  • Keep tweaking until you have a plan that would lead to the results you want.

  • Then, put that plan into action – with confidence. 

Retail 'What if?' Calculators

About The ROI's Calculators

3-in-1 INTEGRATED Cash Flow Calculator

This online "Retailer's Best Friend" enables any retailer, anywhere, to quickly generate a profit plan (budget) for the year, plus an Open-to-Buy plan, plus the resulting cash flow projections! All integrated! And all from the same few inputs.  more

SPEEDY Profits & Cash Forecaster

See your profits and cash flow, for yourself. In advance. In a flash!  more

PROFITS Forecaster with Trend Tracker

"We ARE going to have a profit, right?!"  Now find out for yourself – without having to ask anybody.  more

Multi-Department Open-to-Buy Planner

By month. By department. By you! Get multi-department buying plans for yourself...in minutes. more

SPEEDY Buying Plan Forecaster

SPEEDY online inventory buying plans – auto-magically!  more 

GMROI Calculator

Project and compare your inventory productivity...before you place the order!  more

KEY RATIOS Calculator

What do our "vital signs" show? Find out for yourself – in minutes! – without having to ask your accountant or bookkeeper.  more 

Cannabis Retailer?

Take advantage of The WIP Weekly Inventory Planner – developed by The ROI specifically for cannabis retailers.  See more at CannabisRetailBiz.com

Anxious to improve Cash Flow, Profits, and Inventory??

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