The ROI's Multi-Department Buying Plan Calculator
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By month. By department. By you!! All automagically!

Inventory Buying (Open-to-Buy) Plans  
Use The ROI's Multi-Department Buying Plan Calculator

Get multi-department buying plans for minutes!

Fast and Easy for Retailers

Nothing like this anywhere else! Online, in the cloud. Nothing to download or install. 

The Art AND the Science of Buying

Like all of our tools and resources, The ROI's unique online Inventory Buying Planners were built especially for busy owners. We've made it easy and fast for retailers to combine both the art and the science of buying. 

First for the "science," the numbers part.

  • You need to enter just a few numbers (which you likely already have a good idea about): beginning inventory @cost, expected sales & margin for each month, and planned turns.

Then – boom! – a monthly buying plan. Just like that!

  • You'll see how much inventory - maximum – to bring in each month to meet your goals.
  • You will see the targeted ending inventory for each month, the real key number for the owner.
  • It even shows what the GMROI would be when you meet the goals for sales, margins and turns.

Don't like what you see in a plan? Make some changes, some tweaks! It's easy!

Change sales, or margins, or turns. What difference does each of those make?

It all happens automagically.

Nothing to download or install.

All the formulas are built in; you cannot break it.

Now, for the ART part.

Once you have a plan you like, take off your owner's hat for the moment, put on your buyer's hat, and practice the ART of buying!

You now have a budget, some boundaries of how much to buy, and when. Now you can focus on selecting the very best merchandise and getting the very best terms.

And, as the season goes along, you the owner can keep monitoring how you're doing.

  • Meeting the sales plan?
  • Hitting the ending inventory targets?

If you find that some adjustments are needed, you can compare outcomes in advance before placing any orders. All on your own, in retail time, whenever you need it.

Terrific peace of mind for any owner!

Get Monthly Buying Plans – Auto-magically!

Inputs for each department go quickly. (You may enter departments, or class, or store, or vendor, etc - just so all entries are for the same type.)


  • See monthly Buying Plan for those entries!

  • Plus, each month's Ending Inventory.

  • Even projected GMROI!


Then, all entries "roll up" into the combined Open-to-Buy plan. Automagically!

You also see a summary of your entries: planned sales, margins, and turns. 


Tweak any of your entries whenever you want. And however much you want!

Immediately see new OTB plan for that department (and totals).

Then, once you have a plan you like, hit the PRINT button. You then have a hard copy to guide and monitor your inventory levels. 


     By month. By department. By you!! All automagically!




Enter up to seven plans. Fast & easy! Each with its own sales, margins & turns



Enter any merchandise already On Order in the months you expect to receive it. It is immediately subtracted from the NET Open-to-Buy.


See helpful tips when you need them.


Want to enter fewer than 7 departments this time? No problem. Just skip over the other input screens. 


Want some perspective? Compare to benchmarks for your retail segment.

SPEEDY makes it easy to see and compare margin % and margin dollars by month. 

And GMROI for each of your entries.


Use The ROI's SPEEDY Multi-Department Inventory Buying Planner. 

Control your inventory like the pros do!

By month. By department. By you!! All automagically!


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