The Institute's BUYING PLAN Forecaster is one-of-a-kind. 

  • Online, in-the-cloud. Nothing to download or install.

  • The formulas are all built in. 

  • Sophisticated, accurate, and fast

  • Easy for retailers to use! 

Now, develop an inventory buying budget, wherever and whenever you need it!

SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

Easy for retailers

Just a few quick entries

Just a few quick entries


IMMEDIATELY! See monthly buying plan.

Immediate buying plan


Perfect for "What if...?"

See ahead - before placing any orders


Even compare to benchmarks. All built-in.

Compare to benchmarks

Now the fun begins for the merchant in you! Start to play "What if...?"

  1. That monthly ending inventory number doesn't look quite right? Okay, change turns. What difference would that make?
  2. Having second thoughts about reaching those sales numbers in some months? No problem; change expected sales in whatever months you want.
  3. Gross Margins can be changed each month as well. Need to open up some Open-to-Buy dollars? Which months do you want some special promotions?

It's Dynamic!

See the cause-effect results immediately, each time you change an input.

Plus, for every plan you generate, the SPEEDY Online OTB also projects GMROI. (That's the #1 measure of inventory productivity.)


Now, any retailer, anywhere, can know your buying plan in minutes, on demand. Automagically!

Since 1999, empowering retailers and store owners to "Turn on your financial headlights!"