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Really, What Is Knowledge?

People don't go into retailing to be financiers. 

  • They love the merchandise they sell, and/or they love the people who buy the merchandise. (Think book stores, sporting goods stores, gift shops, etc.) 
  • Others love the "theater", the excitement of retailing. 
  • Still others want to be their own boss. 

But few are attracted to the financial part. 

Which is exactly why The Retail Owners Institute website has been built!

Given our years of experience consulting with retailers, especially in turnaround situations, our speaking at conferences and publishing in trade publications, we wanted to "level the playing field" for retailers.

  • To enable them to deal with bankers, lenders, vendors, even their accountants from a position of strength.
  • "No more intimidation from finances or accounting."
  • Empowerment; we can all use a little bit more of it.

A noble pursuit, true. But one that has driven us since 1999, when we launched

What keeps us going? Last week, we received an inquiry about freight costs from a store owner, who concluded her email with this comment:

"Many thanks! Not just for this, but for everything, really. 
"I absolutely adore your site and your emails and the tools... (I use it to knock pushy sales reps back on their heels. Very satisfying!)"

Yes, knowledge IS power! 💪 💪 

Here's to growing your empowerment, and putting more fun back into retailing. 

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