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Why don't I just "Do It Myself?!"

Maybe you know someone like this. Or are related to them. Or are looking at them each day in the mirror.

You know; the restless, impatient ones. The entrepreneurs; the risk takers.  Those who want to be their own boss. "Do it myself!"

Our theory is that the changes spawned from these triple pandemics – the coronavirus, the economic meltdown, and the civil unrest – will also be evident in new business startups. And that includes all kind of new retail concepts. 

Out of this period of unprecedented frustration can come new-found backbones. 

Plenty of folks are growing very restless as the pandemics grind on. The appeal of being one's own boss, of building something on your own, of filling an important need in the community, all of these are prompting talented and energetic folks to choose to launch their own retail business, be it online, bricks-n-mortar, or both. 

If you know one or more of them, be sure to let them know about one of our free subsites. It's called RetailStartup. From just a dream to a colossus, it has helped hundreds. 

  • Not just for startups, by the way. It's a great resource for "all growth-minded retailers." 
  • An online "clearinghouse" for those looking to grow a retail business, it is focused on the business aspects of retailing, especially financial management and control.

Whether folks are "Dreaming the Dream" of their first store, or are adding stores, or are launching a major DTC effort, it's a great - and free! - collection of links to useful resources. 

As you encounter those restless would-be retail owners who want to "Do it myself!" be sure to let them know about

What better way to encourage them?! Now more than ever, society needs those sparks of entrepreneurship!

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