What do our "vital signs" show?

Find out for yourself - in minutes! - without having to ask your accountant or bookkeeper. Use the Key RATIOS Calculator! 

Inputs are easy!

Just use numbers from your most recent financial statements - or your "best guess-timates" for the upcoming year. Close counts; it's okay to round off. click here for example

In seconds, it generates all six Key Ratios for Retailers.  click here for example

Compare to Your Retail Segment - Built-In!
This Key Ratios Calculator also features a drop-down menu, so you can Choose Your Retail Segment (from the 50+ for which we have Store Benchmark Ratios).  click here for example

IMMEDIATELY compare and contrast your ratios to your industry! click here for example


Use the KEY RATIOS Calculator for yourself. Free! 


Available Nowhere Else

The Institute's KEY RATIOS Calculator is one-of-a-kind, exclusively for retailers. Fast, accurate, relevant, it uses numbers you already know for inputs. In seconds, it generates the 6 Key Financial Ratios for Retailers:

  • Profit %
  • Gross Margin %
  • Inventory Turnover
  • G.M.R.O.I.
  • Current Ratio
  • Debt-to-Worth Ratio

Then, using the drop-down menu, choose your retail segmentIMMEDIATELY compare your ratios to Performance Benchmarks for stores like yours!

Why does thus matter?

First, it gives you some comparative benchmarks for your own planning. As you are looking ahead to the next year, you can quickly see whether your plans pass the initial "plausibility test".

  • Are your margins, or your turns in line with the industry?
  • What about your Current Ratio, and Debt-to-Worth Ratio?
  • If not, can you substantiate why they differ

This exercise is even more essential if you are seeking a loan from a bank. 

These benchmark numbers for each retail segment are the first things that lending officers look at. And today, more than ever before, they must make safe, defensible decisions.

Since 1999, empowering retailers and store owners to "Turn on your financial headlights!"

10 DEC

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