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The ROI's Quick Quiz on the P&L

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Profit Control Basics

Fast-Paced, Lively Retail Financial How-To Webinars

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Projecting Retail P&L webinarRetail Profits Trend Tracker webinarFour Retail Financial Wheels webinar


Financial management is important to a successful retailer. 

Even if you employ a financial manager, you should be aware of the financial condition of your business, and be able to project "What would happen if I...?"

The Institute is dedicated to giving you the
essential basic financial knowledge needed in any capacity of retailing.

Take advantage of The ROI's practical, how-to information, training and online tools. No more intimidation from finances or accounting.

Gain more financial control.  And peace of mind! 

from The Library for Owners

Specifically for Retail Situations | Practical, Proven, Timeless | Used and Loved by Thousands of Retailers

The Myth of the "Bottom Line"

Retail business owners are conditioned from day one to "have a profit" and "improve the bottom line".  

Yet, sadly, most owners aren’t sure exactly why. 
  1. What IS profit? 
  2. Where does it go? 
  3. Why is it important?  
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How to Read and Use Your Financial Statement 

Put the cause-effect, cause-effect power to work in your retail business. 

Get a greater sense of control – and the peace of mind that comes with it!

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Focus Your PROFITABLE Growth with the Retail STRATA:G® Wheel

In The ROI's view, the key to survival in retail is not profitable lines of merchandise, nor even profitable stores.  

Instead, those retailers who will survive and thrive will be those who have the most profitable customers! 

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The Four (Only!) Ways Retail Businesses Grow

Before you get too far down the road in planning another store, adding new merchandise lines, or some other expansion, you first must decide on your fundamental growth strategy. 

Why? Because your growth strategy and your tactics must align.

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Online Training Courses from The ROI

The ROI offers basic retail financial online training called "eLearning Kits". 

Each kit includes 

(1) an online training course, and 

(2) in-the-cloud Executive Calculator, specifically for retail projecting and "What if...?" planning. No additional charge!

Explanatory How-to Training Course
The self-paced eLearning course in each eLearning Kit includes explanatory retail financial how-to content, example case studies, demonstrations of how to use the specialized cause-effect "calculator", and yes, even a final quiz.

Entertaining Case Study
And, you WILL have fun!  Meet Helen and Irving Surviving, owners of the I. M. Surviving(?!) Company. Follow their progress through each course, as they deal with the issue: "Am I running this business, or is it running me?"

Online Projecting "Calculator", Specially Developed for Retailing
Every eLearning Kit also includes – at no extra charge – an online Executive Calculator. 
As training tools, these calculators show the dynamic cause-effect connections between the numbers in a retail business. And, as practical working tools, these easy-to-use calculators enable any retailer, anywhere, to run their business like the pros do!

These Executive Calculators are online, "in the cloud", available on-demand, 24/7. Nothing to download or install; all the formulas are built in. 

Easy - and fast! - for retailers to use. No additional charge!


Some call it "connecting the dots." We call it, "Now, everyone WILL 'get it'."

"But...will we have a profit?!"

Projecting Retail PROFITS eLearning Kit

Structured Online Training Course + Online Calculator

The ROI's online eLearning Kit - Projecting & Controlling Profits - deals directly with the retailer's day in and day out challenge. 

See for yourself, in advance, "Will we have a profit?"

Learn This Once - Profit From It Over and Over

It may take you about an hour to work through this eLearning course on Projecting & Controlling Profits

You will learn:

  • • how to turn your Income Statement - a bookkeeping and accounting tool - into a useful management tool
  • • how to better analyze past results and see "the Big Picture" of where you've been
  • • how to use The ROI's online PROFIT Forecaster
  • • how to know - in advance! - whether a given combination of sales, margins, and expenses would produce a profit

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