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Retailers: See your cash flow, for yourself, in advance!





Facing worrisome questions like these?

Immediately see outcomes of your present plan. 

Compare results of your "What would happen if I...?" ideas.

All with The ROI's time-saver – and anxiety-reliever – for savvy retail owners.

Powered by The ROI's 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator

Empowering every retailer, on their own, to "Turn on their financial headlights!"

The ROI's SPEEDY HEADLIGHTS means every retailer can do their own CASH FLOW forecasting. 

Three ENTRIES Tabs ask for very few inputs, of best guesstimates you readily can provide.

  1. What you think Sales and Gross Margins will be
  2. Your Loans, Other Payables •  Beginning Inventory • Targeted Inventory Turnover Rate
  3. Estimated Operating Expenses

(Close counts; this is for forecasting, not accounting! Just get that first draft.)

And that's it!  Immediately, you see how that combination would turn out!

Immediately! SPEEDY HEADLIGHTS shows what owners really need to know:
How much PROFIT? INVENTORY? And what about CASH?!

All on one page. In a flash!!

That Depends!

For some folks, The ROI's SPEEDY HEADLIGHTS provides great peace of mindThe picture it shows for their business is reassuring. Saves a lot of worry.

For others, turning on their financial headlights shows they need to adjustStep on the gas? Put on the brakes? Change lanes? Look out; there's another turn in the road!

In either situation, this is when the fun begins. Playing "what would happen if I...?" 

Easily Compare "What if...?" Ideas

With each "what if...?"  tweak to Sales, or Margins, or Expenses, or Inventory Turns, SPEEDY does the number-crunching for you. In a flash!

As you see the financial implications of each of your changes, you can focus on applying your good judgment.

The Big Guys call this "financial modeling". We call it empowering!


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The ROI's online calculators are offered as on-demand guides to assist retailers with some of their toughest management challenges: inventory buying plans, debt management, and cash flow.  While we encourage retailers to regularly use all of our calculators, The ROI takes no responsibility for any decisions any retailer chooses to make as a result of using them.  

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