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Ever Known a Retailer Who Wasn't Competitive?
Well, we haven’t. 

Think about it. Every retailer wants badly to beat LY. Daily, weekly, monthly and, certainly yearly. “Gotta beat LY!!!”
  • It’s in their blood. It’s what makes them and their stores successful. That drive. That perseverance. That goal-driven focus. 
And, similarly, have you ever heard of a retailer who didn’t want to beat their competition and do better than anyone else??!!

Nope, neither have we. 
So, here’s some fuel for your competitive fire. The ROI's Retail Benchmarks for 45 retail and restaurant segments have just been updated with the latest data! 

☞ Go here to see how you compare to your retail or restaurant segment

Plus, see benchmarks for the other 44 segments, from farm stores to apparel stores, wine stores to tire dealers, gift shops to convenience stores, full-service restaurants to snack bars; all 45 retail and restaurant verticals.
  • The ROI's exclusive Benchmarks charts clearly show the ups and downs of each segment's results.
  • Plus, the Benchmarks we feature are a "limited selection." From the dozens of stats available, we focus on 6 key metrics that are particularly relevant to retail or restaurant owners. 
All this is available – free – to crank up the competitive juices of every retailer.

Be among the first to know!

Check them out. It’s a hoot. You'll see the good, the okay and, of course, the ugly. 

Be our guest. Gain important perspective on the industry as a whole and your particular vertical. 

Don't put it off. Remember, you snooze, you lose! 

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