So, How Do Your Sales Compare?

"Your mileage may vary."

Index of Sales Potential

Retailers. You know your average inventory over the year, right? 

Is that enough for the sales you expect? Or too much? 

And how does that compare with other retailers? What kind of sales volume are they getting?

Find out here. See where you stand. Thanks to The ROI's "Inventory Gadget," it's as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! 

  1. CHOOSE your retail segment
  2. ENTER your Average Inventory @Cost
  3. SEE how you compare

Then, Step #4: Consider your choices. 

Step #4 – What does this mean?

How do your sales compare with the median retailer with that amount of inventory? Are your sales HIGHER than theirs? Or LOWER? And what does that mean? 

If your sales are LOWER than theirs...

  • your inventory productivity is lagging.
  • It's not producing as much revenue as other retailers. 
  • Careful; cash crunch could be looming!


What if your sales are a lot HIGHER than the median? 

  • Is that okay? 
  • Or, could it mean you are missing sales, by not having enough inventory. (Yes, you CAN be too thin.) 


And, what might any of this mean to your prospects for growth?


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