The ROI Glossary of Retail Financial Terms


From "Accounts Payable" to the Working Capital Wheel".

Your quick reference resource for the financial terms used in retail. 



Quick Quizzes for Retailers

Quick Quizzes for Retailers • Retail Financial Basics

4 Financial Wheels of Retail Business

Free • Online • Retail Finance Basics  

Just ten questions each.

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1. How well do you know the P&L?

take the Profits quiz


2. How about the Balance Sheet?

take the Balance Sheet quiz

👀 The RETAIL PROFITS section at The ROI 

Resources for managing profits and debt.



3. How ready are you to be a true merchant?

take the quiz on Inventory Management & Open-to-Buy 

👀 See the INVENTORY CONTROL section at The ROI:

How-to resources for managing inventory and Open-to-Buy plans



4. Ready to manage the life blood of your business?

take the Cash Flow quiz

👀 Go to the CASH FLOW CONTROL section at The ROI. 

Tools and resources for managing cash flow in your stores.



Index of Sales Potential

Check Your Retail Sales Potential 

"Just wondering...Do we have enough inventory for our sales?"

Find out fast. For free!

Retail Growth & "Bankability" Rater

GMROI Growth & "Bankability" Rater

In just seconds, calculate your GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment.)  Then, see how you compare to the median-performing retailer in your segment. 

This unique index, developed exclusively for the retail industry, shows your capacity to finance your growth. 


Look at Your Numbers Like a Pro!

Easily track results by month and year-to-date. 

Save time – quickly compare to LY – and to PLAN!

Formulas for Key Retail Ratios

The ROI's quick reference "cheat sheet" for key retail ratios.

The formulas. Where to find the numbers. 

And what each ratio tells you.

Compare Monthly Sales to Last Year

How are your comp store sales versus last year?

How do your results compare?
Compare monthly retail sales

Monthly Retail Sales Trend Charts

See sales results compared to the same month in the prior year,

for the trailing six months. 

Quickly compare your sales trends to others in your retail sector. 

Gain valuable perspective! go here

PROFIT Finder | Expense Analyzer

Are your profits hiding in plain slight? 

Find them fast – with The PROFIT Finder! 

Need to fast-track your analysis, forecasting, or "what if...?" planning? Do it automagically with The ROI's SPEEDY Expense Analyzer. Free!

Quickly find answers to your retail financial questions. Specially for busy retailers. 

Proven and helpful resources, available only from The ROI.



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