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Retail cash flow control

Is there a cash crunch in your near future?!

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How's YOUR Cash Flow?

Even a profitable business can experience not having enough cash.

If only retailers had some warning, some indication of the looming shortfalls of cash, they could – and would – make adjustments, right?

After all, cash flow has just three basic parts: Cash Coming IN, Cash Going OUT, and the DIFFERENCE. 

This can be calculated very simply, like on the back of an envelope.'s not easy to find envelopes these days! So The ROI has built this basic Cash Flow Gadget to use instead, and put it online for free.

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The ROI's How-To Articles

Save Time, Money and Frustration with This Simple Cash Flow Plan

A cash flow plan will help you anticipate how sales and expenses will affect your cash flow for the next six months to a year. 

Once you know that, you can start now to make any needed adjustments. 

In this practical and explanatory article, first you will see how to do a cash flow with a pencil. 

Then, take advantage of The ROI's SPEEDY Headlights Cash Flow Forecaster to auto-magically play "what if...?" as you compare adjustments.

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Coping with a Cash Crunch 

Without cash for inventory, payroll and other expenses, an emergency is upon you. 

Even a profitable business can experience not having enough cash at some point.

 One moment cash is flowing, the next moment it is barely dripping. Drip. Drip.

  1. These six steps are designed to help you in an emergency. 
  2. Plus, they also contain the foundation of an on-going strategy for controlling your cash.

Once you can breathe more freely (and the cash flow has increased a bit) use them to take a more comprehensive look at your business.

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5 Reasons Why Even Profitable Retail Businesses Fail

(Hint: Declning sales is NOT one of them!)

We identify and examine each of the Top Five Killers of Retail Businesses. 

While they all need the respect of you, the owner or CEO, your highest priority always must be the #1 slayer. And it just might surprise you to learn what it is. 

(Here's another hint of what it's not: over one-third of the retail businesses that fail each year are actually "profitable".

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"Samplers" from Topical Tuesdays Webinars | Cash Flow

Cash flow management clips from popular TOPICAL TUESDAYS Webinars by the Co-Founders

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